Our Story

Every summer we head north to Maine. The waters rise and fall over 10 feet each day… twice. This timeless rhythm is orchestrated by the heavens and the coast before us. It is the ocean breathing. It forms the backdrop of our lives and move us both physically and spiritually.

As sailors, boaters, or fishermen, we all need to know the state of the tide. Shouldn’t this marvelous device we carry around in our pockets allow us to touch those rhythms and glimpse the places we love?

Ocean Watch

That was our goal for Ocean Watch, a way to connect with your favorite places on the water; whether you are headed out for a day on the water or just wishing you could.

We’re excited to share our work with you and look forward to your feedback. We’ve got exciting plans for the future, but we hope you will enjoy this beginning and join us on the journey.

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